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Club Etiquette

The game of Golf shall be played under the rules approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and under such local rules as may from time to time be stipulated by the De Zalze Golf Committee in conjunction with the Golf Manager and CEO.

Please Adhere to The Following

At De Zalze, we intend not to be too formal in and around the clubhouse. 

There are, however, a certain minimum standards expected from visitors, members and guests in terms of dress code at the club house. 

The club will uphold a quality smart-casual dress sense at all times.

The following guidelines are set to assist members, guests and the management of the club to achieve this goal. 

Acceptable dress code in the clubhouse:

  • Smart unfaded denims/jeans are permitted
  • Tailored trousers
  • Tailored shorts (bermuda’s)
  • Shirts with collar and sleeves
  • Mock necked shirts
  • Soft spiked golf shoes
  • Closed toe shoes or sandals
  • Ladies may wear accepted golf shirts or polo necks
  • Ladies may wear tailored skirts, dresses, slacks or golf shorts


Not permitted: 

  • Beach sandals or flip flops
  • Crocs footwear
  • Beach wear
  • Golfing headgear
  • Jogging gear
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Slogan T-Shirts
  • Drawstring shorts or trousers
  • Torn or faded jeans 


Members and guests are reminded that their compliance is appreciated and expected at De Zalze Golf Club. Staff members have been given strict instruction to report dress code violations to management. Management has been authorised and is expected to prevent admittance to dress code violators. We sincerely appreciate your co-operation.

The Game of Golf shall be played under the Rules approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and under such local Rules as may from time to time be stipulated by the De Zalze Golf Committee in conjunction with the Golf Manager and CEO.

  1. Etiquette: There are a number of aspects under etiquette that a member should remember:
  • Safety: Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club or any debris that may be moved by the club. Please note: all golfers are personally responsible for any damages or personal injuries as a result of a golf shot played by them.
  • Consideration for other players: The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball. No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke. No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
  • Pace of play: In the interest of all, play without delay. If a player believes his ball may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, to save time, he must play a provisional ball. Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found. They should not search for more than 3 minutes. They should not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range. When a hole has been completed players should immediately leave the putting green. If a match fails to keep its place in the field and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should invite the match following to pass.
  • Holes in bunkers: Before leaving a bunker, a player should smooth over all divots and footprints made by him using the golf rakes provided.
  • Repair divots and pitch marks: A player should ensure that any divot made by him on the fairway should be filled with sand. Likewise, any pitch mark made by him on the green should be correctly repaired. The piece of green knocked out by the ball should be thrown away – do not replace it in the pitch mark. Please repair any pitch marks on a green before leaving the green.
  • Damage to greens: Players must ensure that they or caddies do not damage the greens by dropping their bags or the flagsticks on the greens. They must further ensure that they do not damage the holes when replacing or removing the pins.

2. Slow play:
The golden rule is that you are to keep up with the four ball ahead of you or if you are leading the field take no more than 2 hours 15 min to complete nine holes. Halfway house not longer than 15 minutes, and a complete round 4 hours 45 minutes.

&#x2022 More than one hole behind – allocate two holes to catch up and receive warning.
&#x2022 If after two holes you have not caught up – final warning
&#x2022 If two holes later you have still not caught up – asked to leave the course.

3. Sandbags:
The use of sandbags are compulsory for all players on De Zalze Golf Course.

4. Local rules: The local rules are printed on the back of the scorecard. Any additional rules will be displayed on the notice board. These are subject to change from time to time.

5. Pull carts: Pull carts are not to be permitted between the bunkers and greens and on the course.

6. Dress: All members or visitors are required to adhere to the dress regulations of the Club. These are displayed at all entrances to the Club. A member is responsible to ensure that his or her guests conform to the regulations.

7. Suspension of play: The Golf Manager and the Green Keeper will decide when the golf course becomes unplayable. Note: even in absence of sirens players are the sole judges to suspend play when lightning strikes are visible. If rain was the cause of course being closed, no carts will be allowed thereafter.

8. Children: Children who are not junior members are not permitted unaccompanied on the course nor practice facilities. Parents will be held responsible for children found playing on the course. Children in the Club house area must be supervised at all times and no persons under the age of 18 are permitted in the bar area.

9. Visitors: Visitors are welcome at De Zalze Golf Club. Management, however, reserves the right to control visitors subject to conditions published in Golf Course Rules.

10. Juniors: Junior members are permitted to play on times reserved for members as determined by the golf representatives in consultation with management. When playing in a club competition and being able to qualify for prizes the juniors need to be accompanied by an adult member in the four balls.

11. Sharing of clubs: Sharing of clubs out of one bag is not permitted at De Zalze Golf Club.

12. Practice: No practising is allowed on the Golf Course. At no stage, may more than one ball be played except as provided under the rules of golf.

13. Caddies: Caddy fees will be published on the notice boards and can change from time to time. No caddies from outside will be allowed at De Zalze Golf Club unless a golf day is booked and request to have a certain amount for playing guest, then our caddie master will arrange and will escort the caddies from the gate to the golf club. Identification disks will be issued to registered caddies.

14. Handicaps: Handicaps are being calculated as determined by SAGA. Queries can be directed to the golf representatives. Members not submitting a score within 24 hours will be penalised. Please note that when you have registered for 9 holes you need to submit that score within 72 hours.

15. Scorecards: Participants in club competitions are required, as a condition of entry, to complete the scorecard correctly. Should any information not be on the card, the player can be disqualified?

16. Condition of entry into competitions: The Golf Manager, with the assistance of golf representatives, reserves the right to stipulate conditions for any entry and if any member does not comply he/she is liable for disqualification.

17. Count out rule: Hole 10 -18 scores. Hole 13 -18 scores. Hole 16 -18 scores. Hole 18 scores. Flick of a coin. If there is any uncertainty regarding the interpretation of the Rule the decision of the Golf Manager or any Golf Representative Member present, will be final.

18. Club competitions: Club Championship will be held annually as prescribed by the governing provincial golf bodies under condition of final approval by management. The draw will be seeded, according to handicaps in the respective divisions. The tournament will include an A, B, C Division. If there is a tie for the Championship a playoff will take place as determined by the golf representatives and rules of the event. For other places the count out rule of the Club will apply. Monthly Sponsored Competitions are restricted to members and their guests only. Monthly Medal – will take place on the first Saturday of the month and is also restricted to members and guests. The divisions are: A (0-9), B (10-18) and C (19-36). Club Knockout – single and doubles knockouts are restricted to members only. The rules and conditions will be stipulated on the entry form. Club Competitions – these take place as determined from time to time by the Golf Manager in consultation with the club committee and are compulsory for all players who wish to use the course on these occasions.

19. Control of persons on the course: All players who want to use the course must register in the Pro Shop.

20. Cellular phones: Cellular phones may not be used except for Emergency services. All cell phones on the course must be switched off or be on discreet mode only.

21. Suggestions and recommendations: Can be made in writing to the Golf Manager, CEO or the Golf Committee.

22. Guests of members: A member is responsible for his guest’s dress and behaviour at all times.

23. Golf Carts: Whilst using motorised carts, the rules displayed in the cart and on the rental agreement are to be adhered to at all times. No person under the age of 18 years may drive a golf cart. Golf carts are utilised at the renter’s own risk and users are responsible for any damages caused as result in incorrect usage. Owners of their own carts will adhere to the same rules.

24. Course Marshall: The Course Marshall has been employed to see to the flow of the field. He/she is the spokesperson of the Golf Manager/Club and has a set of tasks that must be performed. As a representative, he/she has the right to implement the rules pertaining to slow play. It is a breach of these rules to verbally abuse or rebuff the Course Marshall. Players could be removed from the course if they do not adhere to marshalling instructions.

25. Driving range and practice facilities: The driving range and practice facilities are the responsibility of the Golf Manager and are provided for all Members and playing visitors. Any person using these facilities will abide by instructions issued by the official on duty. The range will be open at appropriate times as will be displayed on the club notice board and practice play will not be permitted if the club has closed the range. Homeowners may only use the range if they have registered in the pro shop. Practice facilities are free of charge for members and all other estate residents are required to pay the appropriate fee prior to practicing.

26. Pedestrians, dogs, bicycles, off-road vehicles etc: These are not permitted on the course or cart paths during golf-playing hours.

27. Golf Club times: The course is open 7 days of the week Monday to Sunday with the exception of Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The course opens at times as determined by the Golf Manager in consultation with The CEO of De Zalze Golf Club. The course may be closed for certain projects and or weather reasons from time to time as determined by the club executive.

28. Private property: Under no circumstances may any member or visitor enter any private property (from the golf course) to collect golf balls. Any breach of this rule shall result in disciplinary action.

29. Payment of playing fees: No person is entitled to commence playing golf before they have paid the applicable fees at the Pro Shop. Even pre-paid members are required to register their round before commencing play.

30. Exception of rules: The management reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules under certain circumstances. These exceptions will be placed on the notice boards whenever possible.

31. Disclaimer of Liability: All persons entering the Club’s premises or using the Club’s facilities do so at their own risk and all such persons must be responsible for their own safety and for the care of their belongings. Neither the Club nor Management, employees, agents or contractors shall be liable for any injuries (including loss of life incurred by such persons or loss or damage to their belongings, whatever the cause). In an effort to maintain harmony and discipline, we remind all golfers of the following: Any match that cannot maintain the pace of a following match is obligated to let the faster match play through. Every effort should be made to speed up the pace of play generally. On the course, appropriate golf attire is required. Not permitted are short shorts, tennis attire, and jean style trousers/shorts (see dress code rules) The use of sand bags is compulsory. Please fill your divot – you may lie in it tomorrow. Please remember to repair pitch marks and rake bunkers – it’s the right thing to do. Carts must follow signs as indicated on the Course. Many thanks and enjoy your game.
  1. Drivers at all times must be aware and obey the route signs on the golf course relating to golf carts.

  2. In the event of rain the previous night, no carts will be allowed on the course, to prevent damage to sensitive areas, until the Green Keeper or Golf Manager has made a decision regarding cart usage. Pro Shop phone number: 021 880 7300.

  3. Persons found speeding excessively will pay a penalty.

  4. Keep well clear of all tee boxes (at least 10 (ten) meters.) DO NOT ride onto tees or greens and surrounds. Stay on the cart paths.

  5. Avoid narrow areas between greens and greenside bunkers.

  6. Avoid riding over excessively rough terrain and wet areas.

  7. You may not at any time exceed the capacity of the golf cart. A two seater may only transport 2 people.

  8. Persons are not permitted to sit / stand on mudguards or rear bumpers.

  9. No cooler bags and/or glass will be allowed on the golf carts under any circumstances.

  10. The use of golf carts is entirely at the risk of the operator / driver and De Zalze Golf Club will have no liability whatsoever in respect of any injury or damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of any golf cart however sustained.

  11. Operator / driver of golf carts will be held liable for any damage caused by their use of golf carts on De Zalze Golf Course property.

  12. The use of golf carts is at all times subject to supervision by marshals, De Zalze Golf Club staff or Committee Members whose directives must be obeyed.

  13. No unlicensed drivers, even if accompanied by a driver with a valid license are permitted to drive golf carts.

The driving range at De Zalze is not open to the public. It is a member and playing guest facility.

This facility is only available to members of De Zalze Golf Club & visiting players on the day of play.

DRESS CODE: Smart casual in and around the clubhouse, but the driving range facilities will be more relaxed attire.

VISITING PLAYERS: Are welcome to enjoy the use of the facilities as a “warm up” area before their game on the day.

VISITING PLAYERS: May be requested to provide proof of payment to the range staff and should therefore have their receipts available for inspection.

MEMBERS: Wishing to make use of the golf facilities are requested to please have their membership cards available at all times.

HOMEOWNERS: Who are not members of the golf club, but wish to make use of the range, are requested to report to the golf shop & pay the practice fee of R50, before using the facility, and must retain their proof of payment for the range attendants.

CHILDREN: Who are not members of the golf club must be under adult supervision at all times while on the range.

PRACTICE TIMES MAY: Vary depending on weather or the season and guests may be requested to stop practice to enable staff to collect balls on the range in safety and with sufficient light.


Summer: 06h30 – 19h00

Autumn: 07h00 – 18h00

Winter: 07h30 – 17h00

Spring: 07h00 – 18h00


  • No pitching on to the chipping green due to excessive damages caused. Players can pitch forward of the practice tee into a 50m pitching area which has been created for this purpose.
  • Players are welcome to use the chipping and putting greens till sundown (soft spikes and track shoes only.)
  • Right of admission reserved at all times.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


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Celebrating a rich history, the origins of our championship golf course dates back to the mid-1990s when renowned golf course designer Peter Matkovich was first commissioned to design an 18-hole course stretching over three farms on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. With courses such as the Steenberg Golf Course in Cape Town and Arabella near Kleinmond under the belt, Matkovich was eager to turn De Zalze Golf Estate into a golfing experience like no other.